Standbeeld - Robijn, Turquoise, Verguld brons - Jambala - in Yab Yum with Consort - Sino Tibetaans - Eind 20e eeuw

Standbeeld - Robijn, Turquoise, Verguld brons - Jambala - in Yab Yum with Consort - Sino Tibetaans - Eind 20e eeuw
Goede staat, zie beschrijving - 120×230×180 mm

This is a beautiful, large, dramatically modelled, Tantric, gilt remnants bronze
( fire gilding technique), Sino Tibetan ( or Nepal) 'Green' Jambhala in Yab Yum with a Dakini, with a large Manora, all set with Turquoise, and a Ruby on Jambhalas chest.

This is a very powerful statue from my collection that unfortunately I need to now sell.

Green Jambhala is the chief of the five Jambhalas and is the manifestation of Buddha Akshobhya, holding a mongoose in his left hand and a Kapala in his right hand, his fierce expression and flowing robes animate his figure. A figure to invoke wealth and abundance in all things, on all planes of existence.

He is shown with his consort in Yab Yum and carrying a jewel producing mongoose in his left hand. Green Jambhala has dark (representing bluish green) colored body. He sits in the vajra position with Dakini in front of him. His right leg is panhandle with right foot is above a snail and lotus flower, while his left leg is kinked. On his left hand is an animal called Nehulay (mongoose) which spues out jewels from its mouth, his right hand holding Norbu, a sacred fruit. The Dakini holding lotus Kapala and Dakini Blade in her hands.

The Mantra of Green Jambhala is: (This has been recited over the statue.)

'Om Karma Jambhala Ah Svaha'

This is written along the back of the base, in Tibetan or Nepalese.

They both wear the clothes, and jewellery of an enlightened Bodhisattva and Dakini.

I've reset the empty settings on the figure with 41 quality Turquoise and Ruby gemstones, similar to what would have been originally used ( I was a successful acclaimed Jewellery Designer in Soho, London in the 1990s, with articles in Fashion Magazines, and collections in large stores )

The Gemstones:
Turquoise x 40 ( natural undyed, Mohs Hardnest scale: 5)
Ruby x 1 (African. Heat Treated. >0.001 Carat.)

Although typical of pieces from the early 18th-19th century, I'm listing this piece from the late 20th.

A delightful Collectors piece, powerful Buddhist Altar piece, gift, or interior design statement. Popular with Feng Shui design, Tantra, and Yoga Studio.

Stored under Buddhist conditions in my meditation room, in my Buddhist Retreat studio.

Please see the photos for its appearance under different lighting conditions.

CONDITION: Good. With wear, loss of gilt, oxidization, patina, dust, blemishes, small scratches, small casting faults and small irregularities consistent with type and age of manufacture.

AGE: late 20th century or possibly earlier.

ORIGIN: Nepal or Sino Tibetan. From a large collection of Buddhist pieces I've purchased and restored.


Length:180mm / 7.5 inch approximately

Width:120mm / 4.5 inch approximately

Height:230mm / 9 inch approximately

Weight:2500g / 5.5lbs approximately

Carefully packaged and shipped tracked and signed insured. Over 3kg packed so higher postage.

Robijn, Turquoise, Verguld brons
Eind 20e eeuw
Regio / land van herkomst
Sino Tibetaans
Thema / voorstelling
Titel kunstwerk
in Yab Yum with Consort
Goede staat, zie beschrijving
120×230×180 mm
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