Gibeon Meteorite - Iron IVA - 54×42×4 mm - 80 g

Gibeon Meteorite - Iron IVA - 54×42×4 mm - 80 g
Gibeon, Namibië

GIBEON meteorite with fusion crust and after acid treatment, the widmanstätten patterns are very visible

Weight: 62,36 g.
Size: 64 mm x 37 mm x 4 mm
Meteorite type metallic IVA octaedrite.

The scattering of meteorite fragments covered an elliptical area of 275 km long and 100 km wide in Namibia. The meteorite got its name from the nearest city.
The fragments of this meteorite have been known for several centuries by the Namaquas, a people of shepherds in southern Africa, who use it to build arrows and other tools.
In 1836, British captain J. E. Alexander collected a few samples and shipped them to London. They were analysed by John Herschel who confirmed their extraterrestrial origin.
The Gibeon meteorite is made of an iron-nickel alloy and also contains cobalt and phosphorus.
It disintegrated into many fragments before impact.
Its total mass before impact reached 26 tons, making it one of the largest known meteorites.

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Gibeon Meteorite - Iron IVA
54×42×4 mm
80 g
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