Tibetaanse Agaat - Amulet - Tijdens, Grote Parels Dzi - Speciale Ogen - "Oog van Boedha, 6, 15, 18, 21 en - 68×18×18 mm - 164 g - (3)

Tibetaanse Agaat - Amulet - Tijdens, Grote Parels Dzi - Speciale Ogen - "Oog van Boedha, 6, 15, 18, 21 en - 68×18×18 mm - 164 g - (3)

Name: Amulet / Dzi
Origin: Tibet
Mineral: Agate
Clarity: Semi-translucent and opaque.
Weight: 164.6 g / 823 ct

Large Tibetan Agates.
5 Dzi Meditation Beads.
Special Eyes: 6 Eyes, 18 Eyes, "Buddha Eye and 15 Eyes", 36 Eyes and 21 Eyes.
They are beautiful in large sizes with different aspects, veined, bright, wrapped, semi translucent and opaque, their colours are nuanced black, nuanced green brown, brown, veined beige, spotted black, black and white.

Total weight (5) - 164.6 g
There is a thin trace of surface wear on some beads.
Estimated date: Late 20th century.

Description and explanation:

1/- Large Dzi bead, veined (Dragon vein) with 6 Eyes.
Weight: (21.9 g)
(71 x 16 mm)

The 6-eyed Dzi eliminates sadness and suffering in life, and increases access to fortune. It helps the bearer to find the root of happiness and karma. The holder of the pearl with the 6 eyes manages to escape aggression, anger, recklessness and misery.

2/ - Large Dzi bead, opaque black and white with 18 Eyes.
Weight: 34.4 g
(68.6 x 17.5 mm)

The 18 eyes of the Dzi can help protect against obsessions and compulsions. They help protect against character traits that create dependency. Alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual addiction, gambling and all other addictions. Brain addictions can be relieved thanks to this bead. It provokes moderation in life and healing.

3/ - Large Dzi bead, Wrapped, Brown and Green, Buddha Eye and 15 Eyes. Weight: 37.3 g.
(67.6 x 19.5 mm).

The 15 Eyes Dzi increases the wisdom of the wearer, solves human suffering and generates general good fortune in earthly life. This Dzi bead allows the fulfilment of wishes blessed by God in the heavens.

4/ - Large Dzi bead in shiny black and spotted white with 36 Eyes.
Weight: 36.3 g
(70.4 x 17.8 mm).

The Dzi with 36 eyes helps to achieve purification. This Dzi can improve the owner's preparation process to end the revival cycle. It prepares the connection between body, mind and spirit to attain one day Nirvana.

5/ - Large Dzi bead, Semi Translucent, Light Brown and White with 21 Eyes.
Weight: 27.3 g.
(69 x 16.8 mm)

The Dzi of the 21 eyes increases the magical power inherent in the wearer, it brings about what you desire most. This Dzi magnifies all the characteristics of the other beads and concentrates them into one. This Dzi helps the owner to come to a state of half-god by the fact that his dreams come true. But the holder of such a bead must remain pious and pure of heart. The 21-eyed bead is highly sought after.

Please see the photos carefully to get a better idea of the lot.

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Aantal items
Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Tibetaanse Agaat
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
- Amulet - Tijdens, Grote Parels Dzi - Speciale Ogen - "Oog van Boedha, 6, 15, 18, 21 en
Hoogte: 67,6 tot 71 mm - Diameter: 16 tot 19,5 mm
68×18×18 mm
164 g
Oorsprong (Land)
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