Zeldzame fossiele vis - Apateopholis

Zeldzame fossiele vis - Apateopholis
KRIJT-Boven Krijt, Cenomanien (93,9–100,5 miljoen jaar) - Libanon

Apateopholis laniatus is an extinct fish belonging to the alepisauriforms. It lived in the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian, about 95 million years ago) and its fossil remains were found in England and Lebanon. This fish was small and did not exceed 10 cm in length. Apateopholis was characterized by an extremely elongated head, which could be as long as the rest of the body. The rostrum was in the shape of an elongated beak, similar to that of the current garfish.

Species: Apateopholis
Period: Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous
Origin: Lebanon

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Zeldzame fossiele vis
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Geologisch tijdperk
KRIJT-Boven Krijt, Cenomanien (93,9–100,5 miljoen jaar)
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