Fossiele roofvissen - Vinctifer (Aspidorhynchus) comptoni

Fossiele roofvissen - Vinctifer (Aspidorhynchus) comptoni
KRIJT-Onder Krijt, Albien (100,5–113,0 miljoen jaar) - Brazilië

Very nice, three dimensionally preserved specimen of the fish Vinctifer (Aspydorhynchus) comptoni. This fossil comes from an old collection (before 1994).

Both halves are present, positive and negative, and show wonderful detail. The scales can be seen very clearly also the fins, as well as the head and tail.

The fish are found in nodules that have to be split open. This one broke and had been glued as is with most of these fish the case. Therefore there is some restauration on the tail.
Vinctifer is an extinct genus of prehistoric bony fish erected by David Starr Jordan in 1919.

Vinctifer (Aspydorhynchus) comptoni, Jordan 1919

Geological time: Lower Cretaceous, Late Aptian-Cenomanian (108-92 million years ago)

Fossil Site: Romualdo Member of the Santana Formation, Ceara, Northeastern Brazil

Size: Fossil fish is 48cm in length

Fossiele roofvissen
Wetenschappelijke naam
Vinctifer (Aspidorhynchus) comptoni
Geologisch tijdperk
KRIJT-Onder Krijt, Albien (100,5–113,0 miljoen jaar)
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