Andreas Feininger (1906-1999) - Fischmarkt in der South Street, New York, 1940

Andreas Feininger (1906-1999) - Fischmarkt in der South Street, New York, 1940
Zwart-witfotografie op Ilford Multigrade - Estate afdrukken - 2010

Feininger's most famous photos were taken using professional cameras with telephoto lenses with a very long focal length, some of which Feininger built himself. In this way, he was able to keep a great distance from his motifs and show the actual size ratios. He succeeded in an impressive way, and many of his photos, especially from his new hometown of New York City, became world famous.

The autodidact Feininger later presented a series of textbooks on photographic composition and photo technology, which developed into standard works. He published more than 50 textbooks and illustrated books, some of which were translated into several languages. His textbooks are standard works at photographic colleges. He also gained international recognition with his photography. Andreas Feininger died in New York on 18 February 1999 at the age of 92. His images are classics in the history of photography.

Here you can now buy a wonderful print in impeccable condition from the artist's estate.

Andreas Feininger (1906-1999)
Titel van kunstwerk
Fischmarkt in der South Street, New York, 1940
Zwart-witfotografie op Ilford Multigrade
Estate afdrukken
Datum van afdrukken
39,5×30,5 cm
Totale afmetingen
50×40×0 cm
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