Giant Museum vis - Ichthyodectiform

Giant Museum vis - Ichthyodectiform
KRIJT-Boven Krijt, Turonien (89,8–93,9 miljoen jaren) - Marokko

Species: Ichthyodectiform indet.
Age: Cretaceous, lower Turonian
Locality: Asfla, Morocco

Fish length: 100 cm
Weight: 25.7 kg (including transport crate)

This is a rare Ichthyodectiform fish from the Turonian of Morocco. Beautiful displayable item, suitable for a museum or home decor.

The fossil is natural, with minor restoration to the eye. The concretion has been glued because it was collected in pieces. Some cracks in the matrix have been filled.

This fish is related to the well-known Cladocyclus of Brazil. The specimen offered is from Morocco.

All items are carefully wrapped and protected to reach you safely.
Track & Trace shipment with insurance (sent usually 3-4 days after payment receipt). The fossil can be picked up in Strasbourg, France.

Giant Museum vis
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Geologisch tijdperk
KRIJT-Boven Krijt, Turonien (89,8–93,9 miljoen jaren)
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