Reproductierol van oud schilderij - Zijde - 《圆明园四十景图-下卷》 - China - 21e eeuw

Reproductierol van oud schilderij - Zijde - 《圆明园四十景图-下卷》 - China - 21e eeuw
Goede staat, zie beschrijving - 32×1400×1 cm

This scroll painting has a story about Yuanmingyuan.
Yuanmingyuan,the royal garden of the Qing Dynasty was built in 1707 and named Yuanmingyuan by Emperor Kangxi.
In 1736, Emperor Qianlong decreed the famous artists of the Qing Palace Tang Dai and Shen Yuan to draw the beautiful scenery of Yuanmingyuan.
In October 1744, when the main work of Yuanmingyuan was completed, the last picture of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries " recesses of palatial garden" was finished then.
Emperor Qianlong was so happy on seeing "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" that he wrote a "Poem for Yuanmingyuan Forty Scenery" for every scenery impromptu. He also decreed Wang Youdun, who was the Ministry of Works and also a calligrapher, to write the poems on the pictures. On 22nd May 1747, "the Pictures and Poems of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" were mounted completely with the pictures and the accompanying poems are both excellent. Emperor Qianlong was very happy to see it and stamped 99 seals on it. So far, "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" were completed.
"Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" showed the entire view of the most flourishing Yuanmingyuan in a technique of realism. It is a treasure with high artistic value with literature, painting, calligraphy and seal cutting.
But in 1860, the Anglo-French Allied Force robbed Yuanmingyuan and burnt it down. From then on, "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" were lost overseas.
Afterwards, the Anglo-French Allied Force sold the treasures robbed from Yuanmingyuan at auction in London and Paris. In 1862, a bookman from Paris bought "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" with 4000 franc in an auction. Several days later, he resold it to France National Library for 4200 francs. From then on, "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" became a collection of the France National Library till now.
In 1928, a Chinese scholar found "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" in the France National Library by accident and finally Chinese got to know where this precious treasure is.
Every picture of this copy of "Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries" seems to show the original gorgeous scenery of Yuanmingyuan in front of us, and also it's suffered time and sadness.

"Pictures of Yuanmingyuan Forty Sceneries " includes 40 pictures and the corresponding 40 poems, points up and down two volumes, This is the second volume,
This is replica with the original Figure 1 ratio of 0.5 to .

Size : 1400cm long, 32cm wide.

Reproductierol van oud schilderij
21e eeuw
Regio / land van herkomst
Titel kunstwerk
Goede staat, zie beschrijving
32×1400×1 cm
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