Galerie Lefevre - Invader - Masterpieces - Exhibition - 2017

Galerie Lefevre - Invader - Masterpieces - Exhibition - 2017

Collector's poster published by Le Feuvre Gallery in 2017 for the Invader Masterpieces exhibition in Paris.
Only available on the preview night.
An exhibition showcard included.
The artwork represented on the poster is called ‘La Route’ (The Road).
‘January 2016. A collector enthusiastically shares an unusual and exceptional discovery. A few days earlier, he had found works that he knew but had completely forgotten about. We are looking at the first four mosaics created by Invader in 1997, before the invasion’.

The Le Feuvre gallery starts its new exhibition about the world-famous street artist with this novelistic story. Intrigued, we enter the first room and discover the ‘treasure’: four surprising mosaics which are radically different from the Space Invader works frequently found in our streets. Here, the topic is not about galactic invasion: the four pieces dated from 1997 are figurative. An urban landscape, a retro car, a woman's silhouette and an abstraction - all in mosaics of course, reminding of the television encryption of the 1990s.

These panel on ceramic are Invader's first experiments. It features the famous square and colourful mosaic, but the intention is quite different: they are references of his time represented in sandy hues by the artist. The famous Zebra 3 (the car of Starsky & Hutch) as well as the encrypted nude are both emblematic of a time he pays a tribute to, both in the form and substance, pixelation being the material representation of an encrypted image.

In the footsteps of Invader...

For the rest of the exhibition, we explore Invader's artistic journey: aliases (Space Invader’s twins hanging in the streets of the whole wide world), reproductions of old school video games, and paintings made of Rubik's Cubes. We then move from Jesus to the ‘Liberté guidant le peuple’ (Freedom guiding the people) with the primary colours of the Rubik's Cubism, whose outlines appear far away or through the pixelated filter of our screens. One can understand the extent of his technique by changing perspective: the artist worked each cube to bring out the desired colours, which only make sense once all the cubes are assembled and with the necessary hindsight.

Space invaders, twisted album covers, collector's books... The whole universe of Invader is summoned around these four ‘Masterpieces’. And for the more daring ones, some pieces are for sale. Be aware, however, that you will probably have to break your piggy bank (and the ones of the whole family) to acquire ‘La Route’ (131 x 204.8 cm), estimated at €400,000.

Galerie Lefevre - Invader
Poster titel
Masterpieces - Exhibition
A- (prima - piepkleine imperfecties)
70×50 cm
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