Royal Copenhagen - Serviesdelen (7) - Porselein

Royal Copenhagen - Serviesdelen (7) - Porselein
Denemarken - Eerste helft 20e eeuw

“Blue Fluted” porcelain items decorated in blue. Comprising 4 candlesticks, 3334; dish, 147; tureen, 432 and covered dish, 283. Royal Copenhagen. 2nd assortment: 2×3334, 432 and 283. Candlestick grinded at top rim. Dish 283 grinded on bottom rim.The original Danish name for Blue Fluted Plain is ‘Musselmalet’, ‘clam-painted’. While many believe the name refers to the fluted shape of the porcelain being reminiscent of a clam or seashell, the shape is in fact inspired by a stylized Crysanthemum and cinquefoil motif. Chrysanthemum flowers were a popular motif in China when Blue Fluted Plain came to life, and as the pattern developed, it kept its stylised chrysanthemum in a simple form, while a plant native to the Nordic region, the cinquefoil, grew next to it.

Aantal items
Fabrikant / Merk
Royal Copenhagen
Geschatte periode
Eerste helft 20e eeuw
Land van herkomst
Goede staat - gebruikt met kleine tekenen van ouderdom en vlekjes
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