Kristallen flessen met stop (6) - Kristal

Kristallen flessen met stop (6) - Kristal
Italië - 1920/1950

Four beautiful crystal bottles in excellent condition from the family collection that my parents used for homemade liqueurs or different wines to distinguish them and not use the same bottle.
In good aesthetic condition, intact, with original caps and no chips.
the first is worked on the bottom with a central star and a vortex engraved all around on the crystal and has its handle and from the bottom to the edge start a series of parallel engravings. The bottle is 33 cm high with the cap, 26 without it and the base is 8 cm wide;
the second has engravings in the crystal that form a diamond pattern and the same lines are present until the edge of the bottle, 33 cm high with cap and 8 cm wide even though the inside is rounded.
The third has workings on the lower part of the opening with a star at the centre and another that ends with a tip, engravings of parts of stars. Height 31 cm by 8 cm
The last one has a frosted worked cap while the other caps are simply ball shaped and at the bottom there are some geometric designs.
the last two are an Art Noveau pair of baccarat, very nice due to their trapezoid shape, weight: 250 grams, with a thick base, height 4 cm, the bottle including the cap measures 28 cm, without cap 21 cm. Looks truly nice, even when empty. The diamond shaped base measures 20 x 175 cm.
Very particular bottles. Nice to use as decorations on a table, to hold liquor or in your bathroom with colourful salts.
You can always make room for a beautiful item.

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Kristallen flessen met stop
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