Mariene reptielen - Gedeeltelijke schedel + oog + kaken / tanden - Ichthyosaur

Mariene reptielen - Gedeeltelijke schedel + oog + kaken / tanden - Ichthyosaur
Jurassic - Duitsland

An incredibly rare plate, displaying the eye, jaws, and teeth of an Ichthyosaur, from the world famous Holzmaden site, located near Dotternhausen, discovered in the Posidonia Slate of the lower Jura (Black Jura)
The fossil is of a Stenopterigius quadriscissus from the Jurassic Period, 180 million years old.
Ichthyosaur, meaning "Fish Lizard", swam in the Mesozoic Ocean, and spanned the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, 208m to 146m years ago, during the time of the Dinosaurs.

Complete Ichthyosaur fossils are beyond the reach of most people today, with prices escalating dramatically over the last 10 years, but this is an opportunity to own an important part of this magnificent creature.
The plate consists of the scleral ring which is the bony part within the Ichthyosaur eye. They had huge eyes, enabling them to hunt down prey in murky waters, and it thought that the ring of bones in the eye enabled the eye to retain its shape. Most of the scleral ring is in place, but another part of the ring is at the bottom of the plate.
Also present is the Jugal Bone which formed the bottom of the eye orbit, providing passive structural support. During fossilisation it was displaced and is now inverted on the plate.
In addition, the plate contains the back part of the upper and lower jaws along with teeth.
The fossil is beautifully prepared for display, and is guaranteed by us to be 100% authentic with no augmentation.
This is an important and rare fossil, and a wonderful addition to a collection.
Notation: s = Scleral Ring j = Jugal Bone ja = Jaws with teeth
Size: 18 cm x 15.5 cm

Mariene reptielen
Gedeeltelijke schedel + oog + kaken / tanden
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