Apple IIC - 2A2S4 - Vintage computer

Apple IIC - 2A2S4 - Vintage computer
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Working Apple Iic for sale.
this computer comes with the monitor, stand, power supply and cable.

The Apple IIc was released in April 24, 1984, at the Apple Forever Conference held in San Diego. Although somewhat overshadowed by the introductions of the Macintosh and Lisa 2 lines, the IIc held its own. The IIc came in a rare, small, portable platinum case with a tilt monitor that featured a 9" green Flat Panel Display and could be lugged around like a suitcase. Also inluded was an external 140k 5.25" floppy disk drive of the same color. It ran a 65C02 processor running at 1.4 MHz. It also sported a brand new ROM chip that allowed the user to use lower-case Applesoft BASIC commands for the first time; use a new built-in mini-assembler; and use MouseWorks, a ProDOS GUI similar to the newly released Mac OS. The IIc had 2 serial ports, one mouse port, one disk port, and 128k RAM.

Vintage computer
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IIC - 2A2S4
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