Oostenrijk-Hongarije - k.u.k. Eer / medailles

Oostenrijk-Hongarije - k.u.k. Eer / medailles
Origineel - Redelijke staat

k.u.k. Decorations, in good condition on original ribbons.
1, The Signum Laudis (this is the silver grade) the medal of military merit is a honorary decoration of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It was founded by Franz - Joseph I of Austria on 12 March 1890.
2, The Karl-Troops-Cross (German: Karl-Truppenkreuz) was instituted on 13 December 1916 by Emperor Charles of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary. It is a military award and the cross was intended for the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army fighting on three fronts, in the Balkans, Russia and Italy.
To be eligible for the cross one had to serve 12 weeks at the front and fight in battle.
3, Wounded Medal (with 3 stripes for three injuries!!!), on the original ribbon
4, Commemorative World War medal. Hungarian first world war Commemorative Medal: Pro Deo Et Patria (For God and country).

k.u.k. Eer / medailles
Land van herkomst
Redelijke staat
Origineel/ Replica
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