2013 Croatia, Blato 1902, Plavac Mali - Dalmatia, island Korcula Kvalitetno vino (Quality wine) - 6 Fles (0.75L)

2013 Croatia, Blato 1902, Plavac Mali - Dalmatia, island Korcula Kvalitetno vino (Quality wine) - 6 Fles (0.75L)
Rode wijn - Kroatië

Plavac Mali in Short:
- Deep ruby red color with some hints of pomegranate;
- Striking aromas of plum, fig, black cherry, dried cranberry with a hint of Mediterranean spice and dark chocolate;
- Elegant and bold flavor profile with natural tannins create a "raw" taste on the palate that appears smoothly rich and luscious at the same time;
- Ideal wine that can last for years thanks to the aging process in Slavonian (Croatian) oak barrels;
- Juicy, ripe and finely polished tannins in combination with an unusually high and very pleasant freshness
- Ripe fruitiness makes this plavac mali soft and pleasantly rough

Plavac Mali is a powerful full dark red wine of very high quality. This wine has a delicious and pleasant taste reminiscent of black cherries, figs and plums. It is also called the sister of the Italian Primitivo and the Californian Zinfandel.

Plavac mali, also known as Plavac, Dingač but also as Plavac mali crni (black), is a popular indigenous wine variety originating from Central and South Dalmatia, where it is still most widely represented in vineyards.

The Plavac mali vine grows best on the islands of Korčula (Blato), Hvar (Ivan Dolac), Brač (Murvica) and the hills to the south of Pelješac (Dingač and Postup).

The grape ripens late, but grows excellently in challenging terrain and is disease resistant. Plavac mali as a grape can give strong wines with a high alcohol content that is rich in exotic flavors, but also lighter and fruit wines.

Both the Primitivo and the Zinfandel, together with the Plavac mali, originated from an old rare grape variety from Dalmatia: Crljenak Kastelianski. The Zinfandel has its roots in Europe. But not in Italy! In the year 2001 in a vineyard a grape variety, locally called "the red from Kastela", is discovered in a in Croatia, the "Crljenak Kastelanski". A year later, similarities are also found with the "Tribidrag" grape.

Gemengd kavel
Rode wijn
Producent, naam van de wijn
Croatia, Blato 1902, Plavac Mali
Kvalitetno vino (Quality wine)
Aantal flessen
Fles (0.75L)
Dalmatia, island Korcula
Bordeaux type fles, hals vulhoogte
Conditie label
Volledig intact, leesbaar etiket
Conditie capsule/kurk
Ingezakte kurk
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