Tassin - Les plans et profilz de France - 1638

Tassin - Les plans et profilz de France - 1638
Topografie - Aantal: 1 - Boek

Christophe Tassin
“Les plans et profilz de toutes les principales villes et lieux considerables de France. Les cartes generalles de chascune desprovinces et les particulières de chasque gouvernement d’icelles faictes par le. Sr. Tassin... Première Partie”
(engraved title) Provinces contained in this first part: Picardy. Bretagne. Champagne. Norma(n)die. Isle de Fra(n)ce. Lorraine. Brie.
(Paris, Michel Vanlochon, 1638)
39 pp, folded map of France and 7 plates notebooks.
An independent notebook is dedicated to each province with its own title, table with its own numbering: Picardy (45), Champagne (51), Lorraine (25), Brittany (28), Normandy (27), Ile-de-France (18), Brie (16)

Modern oblong parchment (15 x 19 cm, wet), wet patches (especially Part Picardy), ink stains (Champagne pl 46-48), Paris folding city plan with marginal wet patches), foxing; title page is missing + Verdun map

First edition of this precious collection prepared by Christophe Tassin, Geographer of the King, dedicated to the cities of the kingdom of Louis XIII. This book, undertaken at Richelieu's request, is the first in this format to represent France in such detail and accurate way. It has many panoramic views, usually drawn from a distant point described by Tassin as profiles, which reveal the configurations of the sites, the boundaries of the habitat, the silhouettes of the monuments and the enclosures.

Land (huidige geografische locatie)
Kaart / Boektitel
Premier Partie. Les plans et profilz de toutes les principales villes [...] de France
Afmetingen van de grootste afbeelding
15×19 cm
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