Shiraz - Kelim - 243 cm - 165 cm

Shiraz - Kelim - 243 cm - 165 cm
Wol op wol - Iran - 21e eeuw

Origin: Iran (centre)
Dimensions: 217 x 204 cm
Sheep's wool, natural colour
Very fine, mint condition
Kilim (or also Kelim; in Turkish: kilim, from the Persian gilim: 'roughly woven cover'): it is the most well known, handmade and smoothly woven oriental carpet variety. Kilim is also the name of the weaving technique itself, which consists of creating the pattern with the weft threads, that are spun more loosely than the warp and that cover it fully, once they are packed on top of each other. When using this technique, which exists in several versions, the weft does not pass through the whole width of the carpet, but is reversed when one wishes to change the colour. To change the colour, one makes a vertical opening, a slit, which should not be so long as to compromise the sturdiness of the whole and which is often moved to the side for this very reason. That creates the characteristic diagonal staircase patterns. Most of the weaves are equilateral and the ends of the threads are hidden. The Anatolian kilims often have loose threads on the 'reverse side' and are generally woven in two lengths because of the small size of the looms (with a continuity of the patterns on each part so that they can be sewn together afterwards). The patterns are traditional and have not been influenced by European styles. Extensive weaving of kilims is common, especially in the Taurus mountains, in Turkey, in the Caucasus and the in north west and the south of Iran.
Imported in the 1980s.
Can be collected on site.

Aantal items
243 cm
165 cm
Wol op wol
Land van herkomst
21e eeuw
In zeer goede staat
Professioneel schoongemaakt tapijt
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