Chillemi Giuseppe (Napoli 1955) - Mercato a Porta Nolana - Napoli

Chillemi Giuseppe (Napoli 1955) - Mercato a Porta Nolana - Napoli
Olieverf op paneel - Gestempeld, Handgesigneerd - 2020

Chillemi Giuseppe (Naples 1955), ‘Mercato a Porta Nolana, Napoli’ - Oil on panel, 30X24 cm, signed ‘G. Chillemi’ on bottom left

Artwork in excellent overall condition. A true historical postcard depicting a scene of everyday life in an ancient area of Naples, Porta Nolana, with its characteristic market.
It bears the authentication signature, artist’s stamp and certificate of authenticity on the back. With stamp from the collection it comes from.
The exceptional pictorial skill of the artist highlights the details that make this panel a true work of art.

Chillemi is a follower of master Francesco Vassetti.
The work at auction shows the passing of the baton between the two artists, their intent to continue painting a Naples now disappeared, bringing back on their boards the ancient glimpses of Neapolitan daily life, now disappeared as well. For this reason the painter can be defined as a Verist, within the line taken by Vincenzo Migliaro and then by Vassetti and Tammaro.

For true collectors.

Please note the details in this masterpiece, from the 10 characters in the foreground to the crowd in the background, the clothes fluttering from the windows, the smoke coming out of the furnace where a lady is cooking, the fish counter, the basins on the ground, the lady who is cleaning the cobs, the people, who seem to move and come to life. The interiors of the shops are also spectacular, illuminated by the light of candles.
Everything seems to come to life in master Chillemi’s work.

It will be supplied with authenticated photo. This is a private sale
Tracked and insured shipping.

Chillemi Giuseppe (Napoli 1955)
Titel van kunstwerk
Mercato a Porta Nolana - Napoli
Olieverf op paneel
Gestempeld, Handgesigneerd
In goede staat
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35×3×25 cm
30×24 cm
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