Linkwood 1997 One of 287 bottles - b. 2018 - 70cl

Linkwood 1997 One of 287 bottles - b. 2018 - 70cl
Single malt whisky - 57%

If you are a cat-loving person and a whisky fan, you must not miss this exclusive whisky with a label of a curious cat in the bar! This 1997 Linkwood single cask whisky fully displays the classic flavour of the high-year sherry hogshead, with a rich and fruity fragrance. Huahua 花花 (means flower in Chinese), is a Calico bobtailed cat who is a little princess with a friendly personality and likes to be around people. In Asia, bobtailed cats are said to bring good luck, and is a symbol of wealthy. We truly hope whoever owns this bottle will have the luckiness that the cat brings!

***Despite what the labelling may suggest, please do not feed this whisky to your cat – not only would it be a terrible waste of beautiful liquid, but it would also harm your beloved pet.***

Tasting Notes
Nose: Full-bodied fruit scents of apple, orange, lemon, pineapple, and passion fruit. The middle layer of cream, and the bottom layer of sugar, combined into a rich fruity milk candy.

Palate: The first taste has a beautiful full-bodied fruity scent, then it turns into a bit of green woody note. After the whisky is swallowed, the tastes turn to the sweetness of citrus and avocado.

Finish: Slightly sweet and very smooth fruit tea lingers in the mouth with soft, light fruity candy.

Single malt whisky
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One of 287 bottles
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