Overblijfsel van de Heilige Lans van Jezus (2) - Papier, Zilver - 1770

Overblijfsel van de Heilige Lans van Jezus (2) - Papier, Zilver - 1770

This incredibly rare and virtually unobtainable relic has touched the most powerful and mysterious relic of the Passion,
The Holy Lance of Jesus, also known as the True Spear or Spear of Destiny

The relic, a small silver spear tip, is tied to a silk ribbon to the original and authentic document dated 1770. Issued by Giovanni Ottavio, Presbyter of Cardinal Giovanni Ottavio Bufalini Bishop of Ancona
The document containing the relic description reads,

"Joahannes Octavius Tituli S.Mariae Angelorum
s.r.e. Presbyter Cardinalis Bufalini Miseratione
Divina Episcopus Anconae & Episcopus ac Comes Humanae
"Universis & singulis, ad quos nostrae litterae pervenerit, testatum argent volumus
argenteam Lancea aciem vitta serica rubri coloris hic alliga parvoque
Sigillo Nostro in cera hispanica impresso munitam tetigisse Sacrosanctam
Cuspidem Lancea, qua salutis humanae Reparationis in Cruce,
pendentis Latus apertum fuit, esistentem inter caeteras paraeclaras Reliquias,
quarum possessione Ecclesiae nostra Cathedralis S.Cyriaci insignita
Fidelium pietatem mirisice excitat, fovet ac e se trahit.
In quorum fidem praesentes ha Sigillo nostro roboratas e Nobis
vel D.Vicario Nostro Generali, vel infrascripto
Specialista D.Canonico Deputato Subiscriptas expedir jusimus
Anconae ex Palatio Nostraa Residentia hac die
18 May 1770 "

The translation of the Latin document is as follows,

"...that this silver tip of a spear, tied to this [letter] with a red ribbon, and fixed with our small seal stamped in Spanish wax, touched the very sacred point of the spear with which the Savior's side was pierced while he was on the Cross;..."

The ecclesiastical seal that seals the ribbon and the spear tip is intact
and is the same coat of arms impressed on the document
The spear tip without the loop measures 22x10 mm
The document measures 21x17 cm

The item will be packed with care and shipped to destination

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Overblijfsel van de Heilige Lans van Jezus
Papier, Zilver
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Goede staat - gebruikt met kleine tekenen van ouderdom en vlekjes
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