Mingqi - Terracotta - An Exceptional Buff Pottery Figure of a Prancing Horse, Tl test - China - Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Mingqi - Terracotta - An Exceptional Buff Pottery Figure of a Prancing Horse, Tl test - China - Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Zeer goede staat, zie beschrijving - 30×40×15 cm

Tang Dynasty (618-907), Chang’an, Shaanxi province, China
Long 40 cm., high 30 cm.

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- The result of the thermoluminescence test, is consistent with the dating of the item, Tan dynasty (ca. 1150 years old). Sampling in 3 different points - Back horse, Belly horse, Chin horse.

A fabulous and most impressive pottery 'mingqi' representing a painted grey pottery Buff Figure of a Prancing Horse,

Grey earthenware coated with white slip and remains of black, yellow and red pigment.

This is an exceptional prancing horse, unusual in the complementary fashion the position of the horse head and ears. The horse is standing on a rectangular plinth, and in the same time neighing (extremely rare). Every line of the horse emphasises its dramatic neigh- the neck stretched high and forward. The small, lean-featured head, the thick neck and the belly are typical Tang renderings of an Arabian. Also worthy of note is that the widely separated ears, both twisting backward (only few Tang horses were made like this and could be found in the present market), reveal its spirit.

Provenance: property of a gentleman Mr. W.R. Germany acquired in the 1980s.

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Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Regio / land van herkomst
Titel kunstwerk
An Exceptional Buff Pottery Figure of a Prancing Horse, Tl test
Zeer goede staat, zie beschrijving
30×40×15 cm
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