Le Nouveau Testament - 1690

Le Nouveau Testament - 1690
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Le Nouveau Testament, c’est a dire La Nouuelle Alliance de Nostre Seigneur Iesvs Christ. WITH: Les Pseavmes de David, Mis en rime Francoise, par Clement Marot, et Theodore de Beze. Reduits nouvellement à une brieve & facile methode pour apprendrele chant ordinaire de l’Eglise.

(engraved titlepage) n.p., (engraved titlepage) n.p. Contemporary Tortoiseshell binding with 2 silver clasps and 4 silver hinges, gilt-edged and gauffred text block, 8° (Some small pieces chipped off the binding. Dutch church book in the French language containing the Geneva version of the New Testament, followed by the Psalms -with musical notation- of Clement Marot en Theodorus Beza, and the Forms. Attractive binding bound in black with ochre coloured flamed tortoiseshell with silver double clasp and 4 hinges. The clasps have straight catches but both the hasps and joints on the spine have an identically cut out pattern. The use of tortoiseshell as a book binding material became populair in the 17th and 18th century and was mostly used for binding religious texts, small Bibles, prayer books, and gift books for the wealthy middle class. The material came from exotic marine turtles and was valued due to its beauty, shine and rarity. -the name tortoiseshell can therefore be misleading because the material has nothing to do with land tortoises-. Fewer than 4 percent of the luxury bindings made in the Netherlands in the 18th century was covered in materials other than leather and vellum. These bindings were regarded as richer and were more expensive. This is considered even more for tortoise shells

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Le Nouveau Testament
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