Museum - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500ml

Museum - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500ml
Varie - Veneto - Italië

Lot consisting of six 500-ml cans, of which three are ‘VIRIDE’ and three are ‘ETICHETTA NERA’, all Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by OLEIFICIO CISANO, Garda Lake, Veneto, Italy

We are in Cisano di Bardolino, on the Venetian shore of Garda Lake.
Atmosphere and climate are typically Mediterranean, and create a triumph of flora: olive trees, cypresses, oleanders, vines. A joy for eyes and mouth, thanks to the oil, the wine and all typical products of this territory.
Garda extra virgin oil is distinguished by its extreme sensory sophistication, a delicacy that harmonizes to all dishes, without covering the flavours, but rather adding an elegant touch of taste harmony.

Three Bottles of ‘VIRIDE’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This extra virgin olive oil was called ‘Viride’ because that's how the ancient Romans called freshly squeezed oil, the freshest, the greenest, the most aromatic.
An intense and fragrant extra virgin, with pleasant floral and herbaceous notes, ideal to use raw on dishes with strong flavours. Cold pressed in our mill during the first days of harvesting, ‘VIRIDE’ is the ideal seasoning for seasonal vegetables, from artichokes to asparagus, but also for the great classics, such as a spaghetti garlic and oil or a simple bruschetta with fresh tomato.

Three Bottles of ‘ETICHETTA NERA’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
‘Etichetta Nera’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is particularly intense strong fruity. The flavour is strong, with herbaceous hints and medium spicy notes.
Pairings: particularly suitable to taste raw, it is ideal for seasoning carpaccio, bruschetta, salads, soups, legumes and boiled artichokes.

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Extra virgin olive oil
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