Ketting en hanger gesneden in Obsidiaan ... 350 karaat - 70 g

Ketting en hanger gesneden in Obsidiaan ... 350 karaat - 70 g

Necklace & pendant sculpted in Obsidian ... 350 ct
Length of the necklace: 66 cm
Pendant: 7.5 cm x 4 cm
Weight: 70 g

Very powerful stone must be handled with care
* protective force.
* very useful for sensitive people.
* forms a shield against negativity
* source of energy
* repels evil eye and magic
* stone of foresight, it helps to open the 3rd eye
* useful for therapists
* to absorb pollution, to combat stress, place a piece of obsidian in your home
* to eliminate mental stress, tension, put an obsidian under your pillow or near your bed.
* it can be carried permanently but it is advisable to wear it in combination with rock crystal because the light the latter produces facilitates and resolves the conflicts that the obsidian brings to the surface
* useful stone after a physical shock
* very powerful gemstone
* stone of repulsion
* repels all negative energies
* introspect stone
* protective stone
* clears the psychic stress.
* promotes compassion and strength
* helps to let go, deep and long-lasting
* leads to intellectual clarity
* promotes emotional releases
* powerful shield against negative energies
* cutting stone, gives access to the truth
* black obsidian (silver or celestial eye) dissolves anger
* brings a great life force
* combine black obsidian and rock crystal to protect against negative influences.
* a very powerful stone with labradorite and tiger eye, it is part of the trio of protective stones most used in lithotherapy.
* repels all negative energies
* it is advisable not to wear black obsidian all the time. It is a stone of introspection (it brings out our qualities and our faults, it is the deep "me").
* as decorative objects, sphere, pyramid ... place it in your living room to protect yourself from negative energies
* suitable for people who suffer from old blockages and who are trying to free themselves, it is better to have a black obsidian, a mahogany obsidian and a rock crystal to perform this step and have good results

Some gemstones and minerals are believed to have beneficial properties for health and spirituality.
Catawiki cannot guarantee or be held responsible for these suggested attributes as no scientific evidence.

Shipment via express parcel with track & trace within 24h.

Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Ketting en hanger gesneden in Obsidiaan ... 350 karaat
70 g
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