Nadar (Félix Tournachon, dit, 1820-1910) - Ritratto di Gustave Doré 1873

Nadar (Félix Tournachon, dit, 1820-1910) - Ritratto di Gustave Doré 1873
Diepdruk - Handtekening van Gustave Doré - Editie Goupil & Cie - 1873

NADAR, born Félix Tournachon (1820-1910), is one of the most famous artists of the Nineteenth century: photographer, artist, writer.
He was a pioneer of photography; in 1854 he created the "Pantheon Nadar", a true gallery of the celebrities of his time, with incisive portraits of Charles Baudelaire, Honoré de Balzac, Sara Bernhard, Gustave Dorè.
The portrait proposed here shows Gustave Doré (1832-1883), the very well-known illustrator of Dante Alighieri’s Divina Commedia and other literary masterpieces. The photograph was taken in 1873, printed from Nadar’s cliché (see pictures) on the Editeur Goupil & Cie support, using the glyptography technique. The work bears the hand-written signature of Gustave Doré. The image size is 23x19 cm on paper of 43x31 cm (with passe-partout the total size is 57x43 cm); on the far right area you can see three tears 14 to 24 mm long that do not affect the printed area (covered by the passe-partout), as pictured.
The work comes from the Nadar’s family assets sale, held at the Chateaux de Fontainbleau on 18/06/1983. The photograph comes with attached documentation.

Nadar (Félix Tournachon, dit, 1820-1910)
Titel van kunstwerk
Ritratto di Gustave Doré 1873
Editie Goupil & Cie
Handtekening van Gustave Doré
Datum van afdrukken
Vintage afdruk
227×185 mm
Totale afmetingen
570×420×5 mm
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