China, Republiek. 50 Cents year 1 (1912) - 'Military government'

China, Republiek. 50 Cents year 1 (1912) - 'Military government'
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50 Cash, 1st year of the Republic of China, (1912), the Military government issues.
Obv: 中華民國元年 - the First year of Republic of China, “漢”- Han (the Chinese nation).
Rev: 四川銀幣, Szechuan silver coin; 角五 - 5 Jiao (50 Cents); 军政府造 - issued / mint by the military government.

ACCA No. A1103527
33.37x33.35 mm
12.99 g

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China, Republiek
50 Cents
Jaar / Periode en Variatie
year 1 (1912) - 'Military government'
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