Canyon Diablo - IAB-MG - 66×55×43 mm - 298 g

Canyon Diablo - IAB-MG - 66×55×43 mm - 298 g
Noord Amerika

Canyon Diablo meteorites

Beautiful meteorite with 100% fusion crust...!!!

Weight: 298 g
Dimensions: 66 x 55 x 43 mm.

Metallic meteorite of Class IAB-MG octahedrite.

The Canyon Diablo meteorite crashed to Earth approximately between 20,000 and 49,000 years ago.
The impact formed the Meteor Crater in Arizona, it is also called the Barringer crater, in memory of Daniel Moreau Barringer mining engineer, who bought the site in 1903.

The crater measures between 1,200 and 1,400 m in diameter and its depth is 190 meters.
It is told to be formed as a result of the impact of a meteorite of about 50 meters in diameter with a mass of 300,000 tonnes, composed of iron and nickel.
The fragments were also used by native Americans in prehistoric times.

Shipped with track & trace.

Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Canyon Diablo - IAB-MG
66×55×43 mm
298 g
Oorsprong (Land)
Noord Amerika
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