San Marino. 10 Scudi 1978

San Marino. 10 Scudi 1978
Goud - FDC (in originele verpakking)

Condition: UNC/BU in original box
Country: San Marino
Value: 10 scudi
Year: 1978
Mintage: 20,000
Composition: 0.917 gold
Weight: 30 g
Weight of pure gold content: 27.51 g
Diameter: 34 mm
Edge: Knurled
Obverse: the three towers surmounted by three feathers and the text 'Repubblica di San Marino' with value and currency of the coin (10 Scudi) and the year of minting 1978.
Reverse: the austere face of a woman emerging from a shattered grate, with the inscription 'Libertà'.

Historical notes and curiosities:
This coin is also called 'Libertà', with a woman's face with a broken grate in the background that appear on the reverse of the coin.
The Republic of San Marino, located within Italy and bordering the Emilia Romagna and Marche regions, is a very small state and among the oldest in Europe. It was founded by Marino, a stonecutter originally from Arbe, in Dalmatia. He arrived in Rimini in 257 AD where he worked until he had to flee to escape persecution against Christians by the Emperor Diocletian. He took refuge on Mount Titano, where he gathered a small community of which he became the reference point. Monte Titano was given to him by the owner, Donna Felicita (or Felicissima) to thank him for having healed her sick son. It is said that his last words before he died were: "Relinquo vos liberos ab utroque homine". It was 301 AD and the sense of cohesion and independence of the small community was strong.
San Marino boasts a tradition of neutrality and hospitality at all times. In this land of freedom, the right of asylum and help to the persecuted, of any condition, origin or idea, were never denied.

San Marino
10 Scudi
Jaar / Periode en Variatie
FDC (in originele verpakking)
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