1872 Ferreira "Acyprestes - Ferreirinha - Dona Antónia A. Ferreira" Colheita Port - 1 Fles (0.75L)

1872 Ferreira "Acyprestes - Ferreirinha - Dona Antónia A. Ferreira" Colheita Port - 1 Fles (0.75L)
Port - Portugal -

1 bottle of Ferreirinha Acyprestes T 1872 Garrafeira (Colheita/Single Harvest)
Very rare bottle in perfect condition (label, capsule, level, seal).
A unique opportunity to collect an authentic piece of history.

The house of Ferreira:
Mentioning A. A. Ferreira is to talk about 250 years of Port Wine History.
A A Ferreira, S.A. is the first Port Wine company that was founded by a family of wine growers of the Douro valley in the 18th century. The marriage between two of descendants of the founder, the cousins António Bernardo and Antónia Adelaide consolidated the agricultural and commercial activities. Dona Antónia Ferreira (1811-1896) became a widow when she was 33. Owner of an exceptional vitality and commercial talent, she gave the Douro viticulture a great development, creating new production facilities – opening and building roads and trails in practically deserted areas. Her intelligence and goodness conquered the admiration of her country fellows, who called her Ferreirinha. Dona Antónia Ferreira possessed several quintas such as Vesúvio, Vargellas, Arnozelo, Vallado, Vale do Meão, Acyprestes, Rodo, etc.

Lot sent in registered mail, with track & trace, in custom packaging.
Any import costs are entirely the buyer's responsibility. By bidding, the buyer understands that bottles can leak during transportation, and can be affected by heat or other transport conditions.

Producent, wijnnaam
Ferreira "Acyprestes - Ferreirinha - Dona Antónia A. Ferreira"
Colheita Port
Aantal flessen
Formaat fles
Fles (0.75L)
Bordeaux type fles, hals vulhoogte
Conditie capsule/kurk
Volledig intact metalen capsule
Conditie label
Volledig intact, leesbaar etiket
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