Moldaviet in matrix - 11×8×6 cm - 600 g

Moldaviet in matrix - 11×8×6 cm - 600 g

Moldavite in matrix from Czech Republic .

Tektites are natural glass, generated by a huge meteorite impact.
By hitting the ground the kinetic energy from the meteorite was set free in a huge explosion, that vaporised the meteorite and the surrounding earth surface. Jets of rock steam were ejected from the new born crater. The steam jets cooled down in the higher atmosphere and condensed to glass that rained down up to hundreds of kilometres away from the impact.
The Moldavites where created 14.5 million years ago when a big meteorite hit the earth at the place that is now southern Germany and created beside the Moldavites, the Ries Crater.

Matrix stbilised
visible dimensions of the Moldavite : 21 x 16 mm

International meteorite collector association member number #3503
scale cube is 1 x 1 x 1 cm

Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Moldaviet in matrix
11×8×6 cm
600 g
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