CHONDRITE VAN ENSTATITA, laatste snede. Al Haggounia 001, "EL4-7". XL! - 160 g

CHONDRITE VAN ENSTATITA, laatste snede. Al Haggounia 001, "EL4-7". XL! - 160 g
SAHARA, Marokko

Also called ‘chondrites E.’ Except for those collected in Antarctica and the NWA, only twenty-four have been found. Their name comes from the great amount of enstatite in them. The iron they contain does not form oxides, but sulphides or either it appears as a metal. This could mean that their formation occurred in an oxygen-deficient area, probably within Mercury’s orbit.

The Al Haggounia 001 meteorite has finally been classified, after much controversy, as a chondrite of molten enstatite EL 4-7. The piece we are offering up for auction in this lot is a nice-sized end cut in which we can see its polished surface on one side, and its fusion crust on the other.

Due to its antiquity, Al Haggounia 001 is considered by many to be a ‘fossil meteorite’, or in other words, the transitional state of meteorites so that after a long time they are not distinguishable and are considered terrestrial rocks.

Chondrites are the oldest materials in the Solar System, having an estimated formation age of over 4,500 million years.

An excellent opportunity to add this wonder of the universe to your collection.

All our meteorites come with an IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association) certificate, so we guarantee for life the authenticity of all our meteorites. Buy with guarantees.

Regards and best wishes.


Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Al Haggounia 001, "EL4-7". XL!
160 g
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