4-strengs ketting in geteste Aventurijn ... 8 mm AAA-parels ... 800 karaat - 160 g

4-strengs ketting in geteste Aventurijn ... 8 mm AAA-parels ... 800 karaat - 160 g

4-row necklace in tested aventurine ... AAA Beads of 8 mm 800 ct
Length: 43 cm x 48 cm.


* Self-knowledge
* Helps to start on a new footing with optimism
* Brings the user a sound vision on life 
* Helps to make decisions more easily while facing complex situations
* Helps to regain your free will, freedom to think and act
* Restores well-being and self-confidence
* It also increases the creative spirit and determination of its holder.
* It contributes to greater autonomy
* It promotes access to new ideas and concepts, ideal for creating
* Anti-stress effect
* It contributes to inner tranquility and preservation of one’s composure.
* Soothes stress and calms nervousness
* Provides patience
* Soothes anger
* Strengthens self-control
* Solves emotional problems
* Restores humour and cheerfulness
* Provides compassion
* Encourages you to feel your love and that of others
* Provides patience and increases the tolerance needed to foster self-acceptance, but also that of others
* Brings inner tranquility thanks to its anti-stress effect.
* Helps to combat sleeping problems and the effects on the body
* Stone of luck and optimism
* Green aventurine/citrine ... powerful association to attract luck and abundance

* Skin, liver, eye and heart problems
* Helps in the wound healing process thanks to its high silicium content, which is excellent for the skin
* Prevents the risk of heart dysfunction
* Promotes the proper functioning of the gallbladder
* Helps the liver in its function of purifying the body

* Very useful to calm children who are too excited
* Helps children to flourish, by promoting their openness to others and the world
* Develops their sense of adventure
* Associated with pink quartz, it is useful for the treatment of speech disorders in children

* Soothes nausea and pregnancy-related pain

* Stimulate the growth of infants and provides relief in case of pain due to the onset of teething

Some gemstones and minerals are believed to have beneficial properties for health and spirituality.
Catawiki cannot guarantee or be held responsible for these suggested attributes as no scientific evidence.

Shipping via Colissimo.

Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
4-strengs ketting in geteste Aventurijn ... 8 mm AAA-parels ... 800 karaat
160 g
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