Geboortesteen van oktober. Rozenkwarts. Zilveren en gouden ring - 7.56 g

Geboortesteen van oktober. Rozenkwarts. Zilveren en gouden ring - 7.56 g

October birthstone Pink quartz. Silver & gold ring
Size of the top: 39 mm
Inside diameter of the ring: 21 mm.
Weight: 7.56 g

The soft sweetness of pink quartz evokes peace, calm and tenderness... This is probably why this stone is considered to be consoling. It is supposed to heal both physical and emotional wounds. Its contact reassures, is said to strengthen self-confidence and the ability to accept oneself as one is. Linked to the heart chakra pink quartz, the energetic connection in Indian medicine, is said to facilitate breathing and strengthen feelings of love. It is said to help regulate endocrine disorders. It is said to have a moderating effect on blood pressure, strengthen the heart and facilitate the elimination of toxins.
This rock soothes and reassures, it opens the mind to spirituality and helps to repair the traumas suffered in the past. It is a stone that enhances sensitivity and empathy to open up to others.
It is said to provide protection against one of the ills of our society, namely overexposure to the various waves that pass through our homes. There are lamps cut from large pieces of raw pink quartz, which diffuse a soft and relaxing light and repel negative waves.
Worn as a necklace, the gem is said to have the power to calm restless or even hyperactive children. In case of bruises, you can perform a light massage with a pink quartz: the hematoma is said to disappear sooner...

Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Geboortesteen van oktober. Rozenkwarts. Zilveren en gouden ring
7,56 g
Oorsprong (Land)
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