Masker (1) - Hout - vuvi 65 cm - Gabon

Masker (1) - Hout - vuvi 65 cm - Gabon
Midden 20e eeuw - Redelijk

Rare and Impressive Mask in wood - VUVI - Gabon

Among the “white masks” which styles are spread from the Atlantic Coast (from Libreville to Pointe Noire) until the eastern borders of Upper-Ogooué; the masks of the Vuvi Bantu people, isolated in the mountainous region of the Chaillu massif - have remained unknown for long. In her article devoted to the Vuvi and their masks (Vuvi et leurs masques, Tribal Art, 2013), which brought the spotlight on this culture for the first time, as well as the limited corpus of masks related to it, Charlotte Grand-Dufay also chose this mask to illustrate the archetype.
If the abstraction of their style closely relates these to the white masks of the Fang and the Tsogho, with whom the Vuvi share the cultural universe, these masks stand out by their “almost flat face” in the form of a shield, rectangular or oval, and by the facial features focused on the top part [...] These pieces represent mythical-legendary entities, like the white mask depicting the Moon [and come from] the Bwete Disumba and Mureli initiatory societies” (Grand-Dufay, idem). Have a look at Les forêts natales – Arts de l’Afrique équatoriale atlantique (2017, p.324) for a very similar mask, in the collections of the national museum of modern art.

Height - 65 cm

Width - 20 cm

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Totaal aantal items
Etnische groep / cultuur
vuvi 65 cm
Regio / land
Midden 20e eeuw
Verkocht met standaard
65×20×11 cm
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