Dans masker (1) - Hout - Yaure - West-Afrika

Dans masker (1) - Hout - Yaure - West-Afrika
Eind 20e eeuw - Goed

The Yaure are divided into three main ethnic groups, each one gathering about twenty villages. Each village is ruled by a chief, assisted by a council of elders. The Yaure language, religion, culture and art are influenced by their powerful neighbours, the Baule and the Guro. However, they have great sense of identity and have created an art which is characteristic and refined. Among the Yaure or Yohouré, African masks serve to influence the “YU”, supernatural forces, responsible for the woes of men, but also of their prosperity. Masks in this ethnic group are forbidden to women, most of the time, the latter are danced to restore political and social imbalance that can be caused by death. Regarding the masks’ aesthetics, the Yaure have influenced the Baule, and were influenced themselves by the Guro style. The nose and the hair of the mask remind the Gu masks of the Guro. The hair is arranged in well-elaborate three half-circles: a sign of power and wealth among the Yaure*. Masks from this ethnic group convey serenity, smoothness, due to the relatively mild life conditions (favourable climate and agriculture because of the wooded lagoonal region they occupy). Yaure masks are often surrounded by an indented border, a characteristic which structures the mask and highlights the general harmony of the forms.

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Dans masker
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Eind 20e eeuw
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20×15×35 cm
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