voorouder standbeeld - Hout - 53,5cm - Hemba - Democratische Republike Congo

voorouder standbeeld - Hout - 53,5cm - Hemba - Democratische Republike Congo
Midden 20e eeuw - Redelijk

Hemba statue from DRC Congo. Piece of more than 50 years old.

Fecundity dolls are carried by pregnant women, who must not let their eyes on deformed beings or objects, fearing that their child might look like them.

On the contrary, looking at idealised beauty is supposed to favour the beauty of their progeny.

Songhiti or Singiti figurines are great classics of Hemba art.

With their shortened bent legs, the latter stand on a circular base, present an elongated chest, their hands are placed on the belly, their cross-shaped hairdo is pulled backwards.

These figurines were kept by the fumu mwalo (sorcerer) who obtained a great power from these.

He communicated with these figures during ceremonies, relating all the significant events of the represented ancestor.

The Luba and Hemba ethnic groups are close and have many things in common, like stools with caryatids, headrests with feminine effigies, but what remains the most striking is the beauty of their ancestor figures.

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voorouder standbeeld
Inheemse naam van het object
Etnische groep / cultuur
Regio / land
Democratische Republike Congo
Midden 20e eeuw
Verkocht met standaard
53,5×14,5×14,5 cm
1,97 kg
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