Andrey Smirnoff (1960) - Le Chaperon Rouge

Andrey Smirnoff (1960) - Le Chaperon Rouge
Olieverf op doek - Handgesigneerd - Origineel - 2018

Andrey SMIRNOFF, 1960

‘Le Chaperon Rouge III’ was painted in 2018 and is signed in the bottom right-hand corner, countersigned and dated on the back, original work, oil on canvas measuring 50 x 40 cm.

Very nice figurative abstract work with a lovely and strong texture.

A. SMIRNOFF, passionate about aerodynamics and the painter Gustav Klimt, is one of the most talented and unique contemporary painters in Russia.

A successful artist, and no other canvases left in his studio, he prepares a unique collection for an exceptional event: 23 works, all dated 2020 are exclusively auctioned on Catawiki.

After graduating from the Repine Academy of Art in Saint Petersburg under the patronage of Andrey Mylnikov, he obtained, thanks to his mention, a state scholarship that would allow him to travel to Norway and throughout Europe, which triggered the beginning of his career as a renowned artist.

Andrey found his own artistic language, combining knowledge of the classical art tradition and search for a new plastic shape. He works in a modern style and uses gold and silver in his paintings. This painter has a unique artistic language with powerful brushstrokes and contrasting and sensual colours.

His works are widely represented in national and private exhibitions and museums in Russia, Italy, USA, United Kingdom and China.
Certificate of authenticity signed by the artist included for the buyer.

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Andrey Smirnoff (1960)
Titel van kunstwerk
Le Chaperon Rouge
Olieverf op doek
Totale afmetingen
50×40×3 cm
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