Masker (1) - Hout - Fang ngil - Gabon

Masker (1) - Hout - Fang ngil - Gabon
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Fang Ngil Mask, this type of mask is the most famous one among Fang masks. This kind of mask is associated to the Ngil society. These masks present elongated features and a heart-shaped face. It is supposed to have judiciary powers, it was worn to designate those responsible for actions that are harmful to society.

The Fang, formerly named Pahouins, live in a vast area crossing Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The cohesion of the Fang was maintained through these judiciary and religious societies, like the "So” and the "Ngil". It was during marriage that young Fang individuals were initiated to the “so” and to the “biyeri” family cult or ancestors’ cult, which would be accompanied by a theatrical “resuscitation” of the dead. Each clan, and then each head of the family would own in his hut a cylindrical box in bark containing the skulls and bones of ancestors. Heads or statuettes were crafted to top these boxes. The Fang used these masks within their secret societies: the “ngil” or gorilla confraternity, banned in 1910, used to unmask sorcerers. It would use large elongated masks covered with kaolin, the face often in the shape of a heart, a long and thin nose. This mask has the form of a human face, it is strongly stylised and its abstraction reinforces the aesthetic power. The design of Fang masks, whether these are rounded or elongated, is based on the stylisation of features, and on the alternation of hollows and reliefs.

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Etnische groep / cultuur
Fang ngil
Regio / land
Eind 20e eeuw
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61×27×20 cm
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