Masker (1) - Hout - Tsogho 32 cm - Gabon

Masker (1) - Hout - Tsogho 32 cm - Gabon
2e helft 20e eeuw - Goed

White Mask - Tsogho - Gabon
Although geographically preserved within its inhospitable mountains, the Tsogo country is located at the crossroads of clearly distinct stylistic tendencies.

Thus, the Tsogo culture stands at the converging point of inputs and beliefs, that it seemingly aimed to syncretise by religious and mystical vocations.

Used during nocturnal ceremonies of the initiatory society of the Bwete, these masks are ritual objects, hidden from the sight of non-initiates.
The latter intervene as supernatural apparitions, materialising the multitude of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic entities, used as symbols by the esoteric teachings of the confraternity.
Therefore, the function of the mask is to represent the multicoloured and proliferating pantheon of the symbolic images evoked by the narrative stories.

Because, among the Mitsogo and within the Bwete society, the mask has a double function.
Sacred object, reserved only to initiates at night, the same mask appears at day, visible to everyone, assuming an ambiguous role:
in this case, it still provokes fear, but also becomes a pretext for entertainment.

During the diurnal rejoicings which pursue the Bwété ceremonies, we can observe real scenes in which unmasked persons, but who are travestied or rigged out with ridiculous tawdry rags, incarnate kinds of buffoons playing the part of anecdotal figures, in smutty or satirical scenes in which the history of the tribe is evoked, as well as its quarrels with neighbouring tribes.

Totaal aantal items
Etnische groep / cultuur
Tsogho 32 cm
Regio / land
2e helft 20e eeuw
Verkocht met standaard
32×19×10 cm
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