Franquin, André - Dessin original - Études de portraits et attitudes - (années 1950)

Franquin, André - Dessin original - Études de portraits et attitudes - (années 1950)
Zeer Fraai - 1 Originele tekening(en) - Format 21 x 29,5 cm.

The collector who will add to his collection this exceptional two-sided A4 page of sketches drawn by Franquin will undoubtedly be able give it a place of honour in a frame of his choice...

Please remember that at the time, even before starting ‘Spirou’ with Dupuis, Franquin sometimes published very realistic illustrations in various magazines, either for the Dupuis Group or in other publications such as ‘Plein Jeu’ and other Scouts magazines.

Much rarer than plates of sketches, there are only in a few rare copies of these plates with attitude sketches drawn in black ink brush and they are almost never offered for sale by collectors. They are mostly known through publications, including the very famous monograph ‘Et Franquin créa la Gaffe’ , with reproductions of realistic illustrations in pages 13,15 ,19 and a nude in page 39 (see the illustrations on the last pictures for information).

These illustrations actually date from the days of ‘Les Chapeaux Noirs’, when Franquin was working with Will, Morris and Jijé. It was the time of their great trip to the USA...

These illustrations were sold in the 1990s by the colourist of the plates of ‘Modeste & Pompon’ which Franquin drew for Tintin. This colourist was Jean VERBRUGGEN a.k.a ‘PHUMIPHON’.

This lot is therefore very interesting, since it immediately shows ‘the stroke of Franquin with a Brush’ back then, on a blotting type paper... which does not allow any errors and touch-ups....

Attitudes of soldiers or cowboys, like ‘Les Chapeaux Noirs’, this double plate is very diversified, showing the ‘ebullient’ spirit of Franquin with a brush in hands.

Finally, this beautiful little female portrait drawn in the bottom left-hand corner of one of the two plates is unusual and already in a final phase, very representative of the person who was drawn...

An appealing lot and to be framed asap.

Registered shipping.

Originele tekening(en)
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- Dessin original - Études de portraits et attitudes - (années 1950)
Zeer Fraai
Format 21 x 29,5 cm.
Franquin, André
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