Spanje. Fernando VII (1813-1833). 8 Escudos - Méjico, 1809. Ensayador H·J.

Spanje. Fernando VII (1813-1833). 8 Escudos - Méjico, 1809. Ensayador H·J.
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Spain - Fernando VII (1808-1833). Gold Doubloon of 8 escudos, Mexico, 1809. Assayer H.J.


In the year 1809, the Iberian Peninsula was occupied by the army of Napoleon Bonaparte and his brother José ruled by force as king of Spain. Fernando VII was still recognised as the legitimate king of Spain and all the overseas colonies; however, given the political instability of the times, it was not possible to bring punches with the royal image to the Americas, and for this reason, coins were minted in the name of the monarch but with a bust of a completely imaginary person, hence the nickname for the coinage of this very turbulent period: admiral bust, imaginary bust, etc.

Extremely well preserved. Gorgeous tonality, beautiful colour. Original shine.

Gold weight 27.06 g, 37 mm. Gold purity 900/1000.

Please see the photographs for a better assessment.

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Fernando VII (1813-1833)
8 Escudos
Jaar / Periode en Variatie
- Méjico, 1809. Ensayador H·J.
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