Icoon, Antiek icoon Wonderen van Sint Demetrius - olie en bladgoud op houten paneel - 19e eeuw

Icoon, Antiek icoon Wonderen van Sint Demetrius - olie en bladgoud op houten paneel - 19e eeuw
Oekraïne / Balkan

Miracles of Saint Demetrius
Dimensions: 40 x 2,5 x 32,5 cm
Oil and gold leaf on wood panel, 19th century

Overall in good condition: minimally signs of age, no restorations or damages. Some attritions of the gold leaf

Different depicting on the photo is the result of the different light.

Demetrius (or Demetrios) of Thessaloniki (Greek: Άγιος Δημήτριος της Θεσσαλονίκης, Hágios Dēmḗtrios tēs Thessaloníkēs), also known as the Holy Great-Martyr Demetrius the Myroblyte (meaning 'the Myrrh-Gusher' or 'Myrrh-Streamer'; 3rd century – 306) was a Christian martyr of the early 4th century AD.

During the Middle Ages, he came to be revered as one of the most important Orthodox military saints, often paired with George of Lydda. His feast day is 26 October for Eastern Orthodox Christians, which falls on 8 November for those following the Old calendar. In the Roman Catholic church he is most commonly called "Demetrius of Sermium" and his memorial falls on 8 October.

The earliest written accounts of his life were compiled in the 9th century, although there are earlier images of him, and the 7th-century Miracles of Saint Demetrius collection. According to these early accounts, Demetrius was born to pious Christian parents in Thessaloniki, Illyricum in 270.

According to the hagiographies, Demetrius was a young man of senatorial family who became proconsul of the Thessalonica district. He was run through with spears in around 306 AD in Thessaloniki, during the Christian persecutions of Galerian, which matches his depiction in the 7th century mosaics.

Antiek icoon Wonderen van Sint Demetrius, Icoon
olie en bladgoud op houten paneel
Geschatte periode
19e eeuw
Land van herkomst
Oekraïne / Balkan
In goede staat - gebruikt met geringe sporen van ouderdom.
40×3×32 cm
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