Jacques de Solleysel - Le Parfait Maréchal, Qui Enseigne à Connoitre La Beauté, La Bonté & Les Defauts Des Chevaux - 1733

Jacques de Solleysel - Le Parfait Maréchal, Qui Enseigne à Connoitre La Beauté, La Bonté & Les Defauts Des Chevaux - 1733
Cavalerie, Hippias - Aantal: 1 - Ingeplakte plaatjes - Boek

Il perfetto maresciallo che insegna a conoscere la bellezza, la bontà e i difetti dei cavalli, i segni e le cause delle malattie...

Three large engraved plates, of which one is folded, depicting the various parts of a horse. Illustrated title page and numerous woodcuts in the text. Woodcut initials and ornaments.

An important and appreciated work on the care and management of horses by one of the greatest French riding masters of the seventeenth century. A wide-ranging discussion of common diseases afflicting horses and their proper treatment is included. The folding plate illustrates a horse and common equine afflictions, while the large wood engravings show various types of bits and tools from the stable.

De Solleysel laid the foundations of modern hippology, also writing, first among the French, a small treatise on the breeding of racehorses.
Mennessier De La Lance, II, 524 and sgg. Brunet, Table, 7724. Podeschi, 41. Olschki, Choix, 9552 - 9556 and 10159 - 10163. Huth, p. 22. Graesse, VI, 433. Nissen, 3898 (ed. 1664). Leclainche, Histoire illustrée de la médicine veterinaire, I, pp. 21 - 31.

Hazelnut-coloured leather binding, partially restored, the text block at the end moves a little but it is well connected to the cover. Some extinct gallery. Interior on crisp and well inked pages, title page restored with antique paper, defect (but no text missing), a few old ink stains, cancelled owner’s signature, flawless plates of great impact. 2 parts in one volume; pp. 376.
Copper-engraved frontispiece in the first part, woodcut historiated typographic friezes, 1 folded copper plate with general depictions of the horse’s anatomy; 1 tipped-in copper plate, dozens of engravings in the text.

Excellent edition of the most famous horse and horse-care manual, first printed in 1664 and since then often reprinted and translated in the main European languages. Jacques de Solleysel (Clapier, 1617-1680), a French gentleman, devoted his entire life to the study and breeding of horses, a passion to which he was educated, in Paris, by riders such as Menou and Pluvinel.

A famous French squire and hippiatrist, Solleysel founded a school in Forez, his hometown, which was soon attended by young gentlemen from all over France. "Solleysel was a cultured man, with a ready mind and an indisputable art... He was a good musician, he had a certain talent for painting and drawing. It was he who also drew the pretty title page of this book. He is probably also the author of the plates and figures adorning this work "(Menessier de la Lance, II, p. 524)".

Full title:
LE PARFAIT MARESCHAL, qui enseigne à connoistre la beauté, la bonté et les défauts des chevaux.Les signes & les causes des maladies; les moyens de les prévenir; leur guérison, & le bon ou mauvais usage de la Purgation & de la Saignée. La manière de les conserver dans les Voyages, de les nourrir, & de les panser selon l'ordre. La ferrure sur les desseins des Fers, qui rétabliront les méchans pieds, & conserveront les bons.Ensemble, un traité du Haras, pour élever de beaux & bons Poulains; & les Préceptes pour bien emboucher les Chevaux.

Aantal boeken
Cavalerie, Hippias
Auteur/ Illustrator
Jacques de Solleysel
Le Parfait Maréchal, Qui Enseigne à Connoitre La Beauté, La Bonté & Les Defauts Des Chevaux
Publicatiejaar oudste item
Geïllustreerde druk
Oorspronkelijke taal
A Liege, Chez François Broncard
Ingeplakte plaatjes
Aantal pagina‘s.
249×204 mm
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