Eduard RüppelGerman numismatic - Autograph; Letter on London mint, Waterloo battle medallions - 1836

Eduard RüppelGerman numismatic - Autograph; Letter on London mint, Waterloo battle medallions - 1836
Botanica, Economie, Handschriften, Kunst - Aantal: 1 - Gesigneerd door auteur - Getypte letter gesigneerd (TLS)

Entirely handwritten letter by Eduard Rüppell, naturalist, explorer and numismatic enthusiast.

In the letter, Rüppell expresses interest in the letter received and satisfaction for having agreed through Cattaneo with the sculptor Luigi Marchesi to whom he commissioned a classic-style statue of his mentor that he wants to put in the library, and is happy to have taken advantage of his critical advice in this regard. He hopes that the statue will be ready by the summer of 1837, in which case he will be happy to have Cattaneo visit the city of Frankfurt, otherwise, if it would be ready in 1838, then, having finished the work that binds him to Frankfurt, he will be happy to accompany him to Italy.

He then talks about Petrucchi, a master coiner who he considers excellent and who works at the minting plant of London, and talks about his genius for details and the medal in memory of the Battle of Waterloo that he coined.

He also informs him that during his last visit to Paris, he met some of his friends and learned that the French government is having the minting of the Napoleonic medals re-engraved, but in his opinion the new medals are decidedly inferior to the old ones, therefore he tried to buy a series of old minted medals, but the deal did not go ahead because the seller raised doubts.

He concludes with assurances of esteem and affection.

The letter is written on fairly light paper and has traces of wear on the folds, as well as the characteristic tear resulting from the affixing of the seal. The letter was posted and has the stamp of Frankfurt.

Letter in fair condition, with some slight tears, two words on the third page were lost.

Getypte letter gesigneerd (TLS)
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Botanica, Economie, Handschriften, Kunst
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Eduard RüppelGerman numismatic
Autograph; Letter on London mint, Waterloo battle medallions
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