Louis XIII - (Secrétaire) - Lettre Signée suite à son Mariage avec Anne d'Autriche - 1615

Louis XIII - (Secrétaire) - Lettre Signée suite à son Mariage avec Anne d'Autriche - 1615
Geschiedenis, Handschriften, Religie, Wapenkunde - Aantal: 1 - Handtekening letter gesigneerd (ALS)

Letter signed “Louis (secrétaire), contresignée par le secrétaire d'Etat Phelypeaux de Pontchartrain, en charge des affaires de la Religion réformée, adressée au seigneur de Dondas, Jean de Vassal de La Tourette.”

Letter written 2 days after the religious marriage of the King of France LOUIS XIII with Anne of Austria , infant of Spain.

Bordeaux, November 27, 1615.

Order to “se jeter” with soldiers and friends in
the town of Mas-d'Agenois, to help it defend itself against the Protestant army of Rohan who besieged it. The latter had rebelled against the “mariages espagnols“ of Louis XIII and his sister.

(Réparations aux dos.)

Louis XIII married Anne of Austria on 18 October, and the religious ceremony was celebrated on 25 November in Bordeaux, where celebrations took place until December.


Louis XIII could not bear the influence of his Mother Marie_de_Médicis and especially his favorite Concini (whom Louis XIII will assassinate), he could not bear this marriage which he was forced to consume immediately - at 14 years old! - to act immediately the marriage in the eyes of foreign powers.

Historical document issued during a pivotal period in the history of France, the struggle between Catholics and Protestants, and the advent of the centralizing King Louis XIII, his famous Minister Cardinal de Richelieu and the future musketeers...


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Handtekening letter gesigneerd (ALS)
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Geschiedenis, Handschriften, Religie, Wapenkunde
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Louis XIII - (Secrétaire)
Lettre Signée suite à son Mariage avec Anne d'Autriche
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