Verenigd Koninkrijk. 1 Penny Cuthred król Kent (798-807) Anglo-Saxon

Verenigd Koninkrijk. 1 Penny Cuthred król Kent (798-807) Anglo-Saxon
Zilver - Niet gecertificeerd

A beautiful and rare penny of Cuthred, an Anglo-Saxon king (798–807).
According to the literature, it was minted around 805–807.
Mint: Canterbury.
Weight: 1.17 g.
Diameter: 17.5–18.5 mm.
Rim legend: abvers + CVÐRED REX CANT – a simplified portrait of the ruler;
reverse – SIGEBER HT I MO NE TA, in the center, there is a cross with wedges in the corners.
The coin has signs of wear and tear, but the legend and portrait are visible.
The coin comes from my private collection.
I invite you to bid on this rare numismatic valour.
As usual, I list the coin without the minimum price.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
1 Penny
Jaar / Periode en Variatie
Cuthred król Kent (798-807) Anglo-Saxon
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