Still Life - Still Life (Prog Rock, Hard Rock) - LP Album - 1971/1971

Still Life - Still Life (Prog Rock, Hard Rock) - LP Album - 1971/1971
Aantal items: 1 - Near Mint (NM) - 1ste persing, Vertigo Swirl labels - Inclusief: Klaphoes

Still Life (Prog Rock, Hard Rock)

Still Life - Still Life (Vertigo 6360 026) SWIRL made in UK 1971 original gatefold first pressing LP | vinyl: NM (mint-) | cover: NM (mint-) comes with: Vertigo swirl polylined inner sleeve

Still Life was an English progressive rock band characterized by expert Hammond organ playing, intricate and original vocal harmonies, and an agile and precise rhythm section. They had one self-titled album that was originally released in 1971, and later re-released in 2003. The album credits kept an aura of mystery about their membership. Martin Cure, Graham Amos, Terry Howells and Alan Savage were actually involved.

Savage was involved with the recording on the following dates: 1, 2, 5, 6 and 13 October 1970. The album was mixed on 26 October. Stephen Shane produced the album, which was released through Vertigo Records. The Allmusic journalist, Richie Unterberger, noted "The record was early organ-dominated progressive rock, its lyrical themes dwelling upon uneasy doubt and sadness, the melodies colored with the gothic classicism prevalent in much of the genre during the period". The band had a recording contract to produce six such albums, but they drifted apart.

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Still Life
Record titel
Still Life (Prog Rock, Hard Rock)
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LP Album
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Near Mint (NM)
1ste persing, Vertigo Swirl labels
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6360 026
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