Valerio Massimo - Valerii Maxi Moralium - 1547

Valerio Massimo - Valerii Maxi Moralium - 1547
Filosofie, Geschiedenis, Retoriek - Aantal: 1 - Anders - zie de beschrijving - Boek

Title: Valerii Maximi Moralium Exemplorum Libri novem, summa diligentia castigati, ac fidelissimis eruditissimorum virorum Oliuerii. s. Arziganensis, Iodociq[ue] Badij Ascensii commentariis enarrati, quibus addita sunt quattuor & viginti exempla, nuper Aldi Manutii industria inuenta, eiusdem Ascensii commentariis exornata. Cum duplici indice, altero quidem capitum, altero vero eorum qu toto opere notatu digna visa sunt. Insunt prterea Theophili viri eruditissimi perutiles lucubrationes, qu tibi non mediocri erunt (si huius auctoris virtutes optime nosce volueris) adiumento

Author: Valerius Maximus.
Published by: Venturinum Ruffinellum, Venice.
Edition: 1547.
Pages: 484.
Size: 29.7 x 20.3 cm.
Binding: full parchment.

Complete and true copy.

Condition: practically excellent, with crisp and clean interiors as well as a parchment paper reinforcement on the back of the title page and slight, sporadic mildew on a few pages (see photos).


The work deals with the famous Factorum et dictorum memorabilium libri IX, universally recognized as the most important one of the Latin imperial writer and historian Valerius Maximus.

The edition features the additions and updates discovered by ALDO MANUZIO and a triple index for a better and easier consultation.

The work, divided into nine books, contains a repertoire of positive and negative exempla described through the behaviour of important personalities of the time.

The first part is characterized by the exaltation of the army, institutions, political and practical virtues; the last part deals with vices, while in the preface there is an apology of Tiberius. A key feature is the praise of the Republican tradition: Valerius Maximus praises Cato the Younger (which embodies the value of libertas) and instead condemns Livius Drusus, who has sown discord in the res publica. For Brutus and Cassius there is a partly positive assessment, as they embody the Catonian virtues, partly negative in that they are still murderers. Conservatives are praised and demagogues condemned.

Given the unique structure, it is likely that the work was written perhaps for schools of rhetoric. It therefore seems that the author's purpose was to provide an educated audience with a series of anecdotal ideas of a moral nature. The comparison of Roman and foreign virtues certainly goes in favour of the former: the Romans appear superior both materially and morally.

The page numbering, as was customary at the time, is double because it is shown in the upper-right corner only. Therefore, the 24 pages from the title page to the beginning of the work do not fall within the progressive page numbering that ends with the number 230 on the last page.

Aantal boeken
Filosofie, Geschiedenis, Retoriek
Auteur/ Illustrator
Valerio Massimo
Valerii Maxi Moralium
Zeer Goed
Publicatiejaar oudste item
Oorspronkelijke taal
Venturinum Ruffinellum, Venezia
Anders - zie de beschrijving
Aantal pagina‘s.
29,7×20,3 cm
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