Canada. 5 Dollars 2020 - Silver Maple Leaf (Monsterbox) - 500 x 1 Oz

Canada. 5 Dollars 2020 - Silver Maple Leaf (Monsterbox) - 500 x 1 Oz
Zilver - UNC (niet bestemd voor circulatie)

BRAND NEW & GENUINELY SEALED Monsterbox (500 coins) of Silver Canadian Maple Leaf $5 2020.

As shown on the pictures, the box is new, has never been opened and get all its references thanks to the GENUINE label on the side of the box.

The two GENUINE sealed tapes ("ROYAL CANADIAN MINT - MONNAIE ROYALE CANADIENNE") are present and keep the entire Monsterbox closed.

Why is it called a Monsterbox? Simply because it is the biggest genuine (from government's mint) packaging with which you can buy such an amount of coins.

The first picture is a generic photo so that you can have a PERFECT idea of what is inside the box, which means 20 tubes of 25 Silver Maple Leaf each. As written on the GENUINE label (third picture), the article no. is 175597 with a total weight of 551.996 OZT (= 17.16 kilogramms).

The 17.16 kilogramms indicated above include the total weight of the 500 coins (15.5 kilogramms), the 20 strong plastic tubes and the yellow box itself.

Unique and very rare Box!

5 Dollars
Jaar / Periode en Variatie
2020 - Silver Maple Leaf (Monsterbox) - 500 x 1 Oz
UNC (niet bestemd voor circulatie)
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