Emma Wildfang - CATWOMAN bronzed 4/50 - (2021)

Emma Wildfang - CATWOMAN bronzed 4/50 - (2021)
Emma Wildfang - Nieuwstaat - 1 Originele tekening(en) - 30x30cm Height: 30 cm

Catwoman sculpture various materials bronzed.
Dimensions: 30x30 cm (wooden plate) Height: 30 cm

The sculpture including the wooden plate has a weight of 1440g. This sculpture is the fourth in a limited edition of 50 pieces. Each and every patina is unique from sculpture to sculpture.

Excellent condition.
With certificate of authenticity.

Emma Wildfang is a young Pop-Art street artist. Her artworks are scattered in collections all over the world. She manages to create a very special vintage style. After attending the master class, the artist has been self-taught since 2002. Her constant search for new techniques and means of expression made it almost imperative for her to now also deal with spatial structures as a sculptor. Due to the restlessness and instability of her creative process she lives up to the name Wildfang. However, in all of her works, Wildfang does not seek the perfect, symmetrically idealized work, but finds instead finds beauty in the fragmented, in the detail, and in the enigmatic. Her way of working is to find perfection in the imperfect.

The sculpture comes directly from the studio of the artist.

Shipping: Carefully packaged and insured.

Originele tekening(en)
Aantal items
Emma Wildfang
CATWOMAN bronzed 4/50
Jaar: oudste object
Certificaat, Gesigneerd
30x30cm Height: 30 cm
Emma Wildfang
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